Jesus is Coming Soon! Jesus Returns

Jesus is Coming! | Did Many People Disappear?

The signs of the times — nature, society, spiritual, technology, political, Israel — all point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? Find out why we are living on borrowed time.

New Book on the Jewish People Program

New Book on the Jewish People

Do you know what some of the blessings and heresies are concerning the Jewish people? Find out with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones on television's Christ in Prophecy.

The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved? TV Offers

The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved?

This book focuses on the evil of Replacement Theology and the tragedy of Dual Covenant Theology. $15 book. Kindle | Nook

2015 Bible Conference Other Events

2015 Bible Conference

With the phenomenal speaker and musician lineup, this year's Conference and Banquet promises to be the best yet! The Conference on Saturday is a free event but registration is required.

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