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Watching Online Videos

What software do I need to watch the online videos?
You will need a Web browser and high speed Internet connection like DSL or Cable. The Adobe® Flash® Player plugin will need to be installed in your Web browser.

How come the video seems to stutter?
Either you are experiencing network congestion causing buffering or the Internet connection isn't high speed (DSL, Cable, Satellite). If you are experiencing buffering, please pause the video for a bit to allow more of it to download before restarting it again.

Why am I having trouble accessing the videos using my Mac products?
Mac's rejection of the Adobe Flash plugin in it's Apple products has cut off the viewing of our Flash-based "Christ in Prophecy" TV shows online. We will convert our Flash videos to HTML 5.0 in the near future. In the meantime:

  • The Lamb & Lion App for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android makes watching our videos easy on the go!
  • Skyfire has a Safari based Flash to HTML 5.0 conversion App that's iOS compliant.
  • TBN Mobile App streams all of TBN's programming. Check out "Christ in Prophecy" on the Church Channel via the TBN Mobile App.

Why are the Flash videos not displaying using my 64 bit Windows 7 using Internet Explorer?
Flash Player 10.3 is currently not available for the 64-bit Internet Explorer web browser. To rectify this, switch to 32 bit or use another browser like Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome.

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